Jangolo KPI tracking platform

Jangolo KPI tracking platform

Companies need to track key performance indicators, or KPIs, to understand how they’re performing against goals for growth, revenue, retention, and important metrics. But many aren’t equipped to ingest, transform, and visualize the large quantities of data from multiple sources that’s required to accurately track common KPIs today.   

What-Is-A-KPI-Dashboard-And-How-Do-You-Create-The-Best-One-For-Your-Business Jangolo KPI tracking platform

KPI Tracking is the process of monitoring the changes in KPI trends over a specific time period to understand how your business is performing . It involves capturing data and converting it into useful metrics that indicate the organization’s condition. And then follow up with those elements by tracking and monitoring them over time.

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Successful business leaders must ensure all of their departments in the company succeed financially and operationally. To achieve that, they measure some key elements that demonstrate the effectiveness of a company in achieving its business objectives.

However, there’s no specific rule for what KPIs you should track and for how long. These decisions are tied to your company’s objectives and goals.

For example, KPIs like annual revenue, net profit, or employee tenure reflect the company’s long-term growth. Therefore, you might be willing to track them yearly, just so it becomes easy to compare with historical data and predict future trends.

On the other hand, some KPIs like customer retention rate or conversion rate are preferably tracked every month.That’s because these KPIs yield better insights when compared every month. Thereby allowing you to adjust your strategies in real-time without derailing from your long-term goals.

But, one question that sticks around is why tracking KPIs is important; can’t we just keep going and keep increasing our revenue without the need to track KPIs?

Jangolo created a site for our sales team to use the analysis it offers to increase their performance and be able to track what the do in comparison to work expected.

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