2023-03-15-10.49.23-scaled AGRI INVESTORS IN AFRICA

In the world of agriculture, Africa stands out for the degree to which smallholder operations dominate farming on the continent ,most of Africa’s food is grown on small-scale farms. African farming also stands out for drawing in a low volume of venture capital investment. But this could be changing as we can see an interest shown by investors for Africa’s agricultural sector , which is a promising sector.

Although the world economy has been face with a lot of challenges , investors focused on Africa continue to invest in Africa due to the potential they see . A lot of event are organized to help startups get more visibility from investors as well as information for investors . An example is the SAIS festival which was organized with over fifty African startups invited to pitch investors about their enterprise .

Jangolo took part at this event which lastly held in Kenya for its closure and was able to pitch Jangolo to a panel of investors present and develop partnerships with other startups as it is integrating the whole value chain

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